Texts of Voronsky's Writings

Russian Texts Throughout the bibliography, texts that are available on this site have been marked. This is a list of the texts in English.
English Translations
1911 Polemical Remarks About Gorky, Part I. Pdf file
1911 Polemical Remarks About Gorky, Part II. Pdf file
1918 Communism, the Church and the State. Pdf file
1919 Red Province Pdf file
1920 G. V. Plekhanov Pdf file
1920 In Memory of G. V. Plekhanov Pdf file
1921 The Decline of Ideology Pdf file
1921 H. G. Wells About Soviet Russia Pdf file
1922 Literary Silhouettes: Boris Pilniak Pdf file
1923 Sharp Phrases and the Classics Pdf file
1923 Art as the Cognition of Life, and the Contemporary World Pdf file
1923 On Proletarian Art and the Artistic Policy of Our Party Pdf file
1925 Freudianism and Art Pdf file
1925 On Art Pdf file
1925 Mikhail Vasilievich Frunze Pdf file
1926 In Memory of Esenin Pdf file
1926 Larisa Mikhailovna Reisner Pdf file
1926 Scoundrels and Toadies Pdf file
1927 From the Past Pdf file
1927 Notes on Artistic Creativity Pdf file
1927 Ten Years of October and Soviet Literature Pdf file
1927 One Thunderous Applause Pdf file
1928 On Artistic Truth Pdf file
1928 The Art of Seeing the World Pdf file
1930 On Pereval Pdf file
1936 Meetings and Conversations with Gorky Pdf file